You may have noticed some changes over the last few months to the visual identity of Scouting. While this is not a ‘new brand’ and there is no new logo, some aspects have been updated to increase recognition and consistency across our communications.

A Brand Guide is available that includes some new guidance on colours, font and use of images. Guidelines are available to support these changes at

The County Media Team will be in touch with Districts, then Groups to acquaint themselves with the guidelines and give you a sense of the image Scouting is projecting locally and nationally. There is no fixed date by which to implement the changes and it is recommended that we all update items only when they come up for natural renewal, so no need to panic right away.

To make things easier, a communications centre will be launched soon (at to help members produce their own posters, flyers, newsletters, signage stationery and other materials without the need to own fonts or specialist design software. More details can be viewed in the Feb/Mar 2010 edition of Scouting Magazine.

District and Essex based templates will also be circulated shortly to DCs and County Team for further circulation.