Luke is an Explorer from Gryphon Explorer Scout Unit in Crouch Valley and gives us a live update from their annual ‘beach camp’ in the Isle of Wight and Portsmouth

“An early 6am start on Saturday turned into blazing sunshine on the beach by Sunday. Four hours under the sun proved very relaxing, until we were told to “pack our bags” for a three day hike around the island to gain our Chief Scouts Diamond award. We’re now on our second day of the expedition, and having walked 18km yesterday and another 15km to walk today, the aching shoulders are definitely kicking in. Nonetheless, with tents and lunch on our backs, we continue our quest and it’s great to be outdoors getting some exercise and breathing the fresh Isle of Wight air.

The team name, by the way, the Barbie Girls, originates from our youngest member on camp, who at the age of five, told me I look like one. Naturally group leader Katherine agreed, and so it was done.