Jacala Cubs in Stanford-le-Hope spent a weekend at Hargreaves Camp Site and went out for the day on the Saturday. Each six was asked to write about a different part of the day and the following has been put together from their words.

“After breakfast on Saturday morning we all walked to the bus stop at the top of the road and got the bus to Newbury Park Station. We waited for Kaa to get the tickets and then we travelled on the underground to St. Paul’s Station; when we got off the train we had a short walk to St. Paul’s Cathedral.”

“Inside the Cathedral each team was given a work sheet with signs and symbols to find, we walked around the two floors with a leader looking for the pictures on the sheet. It seemed hard at first but we soon got the idea and managed to complete the sheet. On the floor of the main gallery we found the centre spot and looked up at the amazing ceiling that was built years and years ago.