Zombies? Or just mud covered Cubs and Leaders on their way back from the assault course at Belchamps Scout Activity Centre!  1st Broomfield Cubs kicked off the Centenary of Cub Scouting celebrations by holding a “Cubs 100” themed camp over the weekend.  Each Cub was challenged to do as many of 100 challenges as possible from a diverse range such as crate stacking, climbing,  ladder challenge, pedal cars,  knotting, pioneering, looking after their own kit, washing up, 100 steps of a funny walk, standing on one leg and balancing the Jungle Book on their heads for 100 seconds (not at the same time!).  They tie dyed and ironed neckers, wrote in hieroglyphics and ancient runes and held a celebration party.  A brilliant time was had by all and both Cubs and Leaders are looking forward to returning to Belchamps in the Summer for Chelmsford District’s Centenary Camp.