Equipment and Property Team

The team will ensure that all Essex County Scouts buildings and equipment meets statutory standards. This team will also provide visibility of the costs of purchasing equipment, while ensuring it is stored in an appropriate way and tracked as it is used. An asset database will ensure the location and responsible person holding that equipment is always known.

It will bring together people who use the equipment and will try to ensure that the right equipment is in the right place, with the right people at the right time allowing those who need to use it to focus on providing young people with great scouting experiences.

Maintenance records will be available (and should the worst happen) able to confirm that equipment has been tested, inspected, and maintained in accordance with manufacturers guidelines or best practice.

Providing a value and depreciation of assets will help improve the declaration to our insurers which in the long run may prevent over or under insuring of an item. Tracking its value and lifespan will also help the CLT provision appropriate budgets for planned replacements, this again will continue to ensure that the best equipment is available for the young people of Essex.

Specialist equipment will remain in the custody of the specialist teams but details of the assets must be recorded onto the County database

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