Readiness level moves to RED for Essex.

Following the announcement over the weekend the Essex has been moved into the new TIER 4 in response to this increasing spread of corona virus, the Scouts have updated the readiness to RED.

This means face-to-face Scouting cannot take place across Essex until further notice.

Please see the national guidance on the Scouts we page here: Essex Moved into RED

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Readiness State is AMBER from 2nd December

Following the change from national lockdown to the new tiered system, Scouting in England returns to AMBER readiness state for face-to-face Scouting from 2nd December.

If you intend to start meeting under the amber conditions you MUST complete the full risk assessment process and have your plans approved within your District. Please contact your District Teams for information on the approval process and local contacts as applicable to you.

One thing to note, there is no pressure on any individual, section or group to return to Scouting. This is a very complex situation and you should only return in consultation with everyone involved (including young members, parents, carers, fellow leaders and group teams) and subject to approval being given.

PLEASE NOTE: However, face to face programme activities for members of Scouts who are over 18 is in Red everywhere in England – this means that there can be no face to face section meetings for Network. Other volunteers over the age of 18 can meet in-line with restrictions in your tier for adults meeting together, to carry out essential volunteering tasks like campsite or building maintenance.

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