All Leaders are currently required to hold a valid First Response certificate or higher First Aid qualification.

In order to offer flexible training for our volunteers we are offering three pathways for first response training.

  • Full day course – 6 hours face to face learning
  • Blended learning – online, virtual and practical training over three sessions
  • Virtual training plus practical

First Response is validated in Compass as two modules: Module 10A First Aid Learning and Module 10B First Aid Practical, both modules must be validated to gain the full First Response certificate, attendance on the full day course will validate both modules.

Full day Course – Single Session

To take part in a full day (six hours) course, book a place via the training diary. Courses take place in different venues across the county. If you do not see a course local to you, please contact your Local Training Manager or the County Training Manager responsible for First Aid Provision.

Blended Learning (only available until August 2022) – Three sessions

Module 10A – Part 1 an online theory course delivered by Hampshire Scouts

Click on this link and then click on “enrol for free”

Follow the instructions for the 2.5 hours (approx.) online session. The course can be completed in sections and saved. On completion of all sections of this online course, submit the form (selecting ‘Essex’) so your progress can be recorded by our county.

Module 10A – Part 2 delivered by Essex Scouts via Zoom

Delivered by a member of the Essex Scout Training Team

Courses can be booked via the Training Diary; please ensure you look for – First Response – BLENDED LEARNING – Module 10A – Part 2 – **Zoom session**

On completion of Blended Learning Parts 1 and 2, Module 10A will be validated on your Compass record.

Module 10B First Aid Practical – delivered face to face by a member of the Essex Scout Training Team.

Module 10A -Part 2 and Module 10B First Aid Practical can be done in any order as long as Module 10A – Part 1 from Hampshire is done first. Please note that if Module 10B is completed before Module 10A Part 2 there will be no record on Compass until Module 10A Part2 is completed.

Virtual Training – two sessions

Module 10A First Aid Learning (via Zoom), followed by Module 10B First Aid Practical (face to face).

Courses can we booked via the Training Diary and can be booked separately. Please note that if you are attending evening sessions, then Module 10A is split into two evenings and you must attend both sessions to have Module 10A validated on Compass.

In all cases Module 10A First Aid Learning must be completed before Module 10B First Aid Practical. You will have the opportunity at the practical to ask any questions about things you were unsure of during the virtual training which covers the theory of Life Support.

After attendance on a Module 10B this element will be validated on Compass.

External First Aid Training

Any external first aid course that is set by a reputable body and meets the criteria of the First Response course can be considered a suitable alternative. The full first response syllabus and course requirements can be found on the Scout Association website,

Scout Association criteria for First Response equivalent courses

Evidence of completion, for example an attendance certificate, can be submitted to the Volunteer’s line manager or training adviser for validation.

If the course does not cover an element of the syllabus (for example child CPR or Sepsis/Meningitis) volunteers must contact the County Training Manager responsible for First Aid provision and a one-to-one session with a first aid trainer will be arranged in order to cover the gaps in the learning.