Since the Skills for Life Strategy was launched, steps taken by Counties, Districts and Groups have helped to equip many more young people with skills for life through our amazing programme, supported by our incredible volunteers.  During the pandemic, however, we couldn’t carry on as normal. We rallied and responded to the challenge, adapting Scouting to meet new realities.  Doing all of that was tough.  It also meant pausing full implementation of the Skills for Life Strategy.

We’re now on the front foot and, as we look to the future, with a renewed appreciation that Scouting has never been more needed, it’s time for us to recommit to implementing our Skills for Life Strategy.

In driving forward our Skills for Life Strategy (through to 2025), the Scouts are embarking on a positive and engaging period of change.  We want to continue offering high quality, safe and engaging programmes to our 13,000+ young people in Essex.

In doing that, we must continue to be a vibrant, forward-thinking movement, adapting to the needs of our ever changing society.  We want to reach more young people, be more diverse and make it easier than ever to volunteer for Scouts in Essex.

The Transformation Lead and their team’s role is to:

  • Lead, plan and implement the Skills for Life Strategy (and associated changes) locally in Essex
  • Collectively deliver the Transformation programme in partnership with volunteers across Essex
  • Work closely with the County Commissioner, District Commissioners and Group Scout Leaders and their respective teams
  • Form part of the County Leadership Team
  • Provide a feedback loop to Scouting HQ on what is and isn’t working during the transformation period
  • Continue to recruit a team with capacity to facilitate and deliver change; which will ebb and flow over time

If you have any questions regarding the Skills for Life Strategy, or about the transformation programme, please email us at