Essex Basecamp


We’ve got a range of seminars and workshops available over the weekend, designed to energise, engage and empower you.

For those registered, you’ll have been sent an email to rank your workshop preferences; which you’ll participate in two out of the four available during the day.  We recommend ensuring all workshops are covered across your District/Team.

The day will run with two different routes through the planned programme.   On the day, during registration, you’ll receive all the information you need to know where to be, at what time and how it all works.

Everyone will be together for the key seminars at the start and end of the day.  During the day, other seminars will be delivered in smaller groups, running in parallel alongside the workshops.

All seminars are being held in the Ivor Crewe Lecture Theatre.  The seminars are as follows:

  • The Essex Basecamp pitch
  • The challenge of change
  • Our volunteer journey
  • Our digital approach
  • Empower – Making change happen

The four workshops running during the day are as follows:

  1. Providing a warmer welcome: Learn to create a warmer welcome for everyone in Scouts. This session’s about making sure you’ve for the right tools and guidance to support you with recruitment in the welcome journey.
  2. Moving from training to learning: In this workshop, we’ll present some change to the ways volunteers can access their learning in the future. We’re hoping these changes will make the experience better for everyone. We’ll also consider what support you might need to make these changes locally.
  3. Reimagining the way we volunteer: Learn how we’re redesigning our volunteer roles on teams and tasks. We’re making sure they support great programmes, and appeal to both current and new volunteers.
  4. Empowering youth voices: Learn how to empower our young people with practical tips and ideas to use locally. Understand further how the Youth Commissioner role works and how we ensure young people are leading and involved in delivering the forthcoming changes.