Transforming Scouts in Essex - Our County Lead Volunteer, Bob Bye, talks about the County's progress with transformation
Towards a more engaging learning experience - Find out more about the new approach to learning from the Essex Transformation Team
Introducing the Learning Tree - Learn about the way Scouting is moving from Training to Learning
Changes to our culture, structures and titles - Scouting's Transformation Project is changing how we approach our volunteering and has wide ranging impacts that will affect all of us.
A 5 minute way to update Compass - How to get your personal Scouting record ready for our new membership system.
Easy-to-use templates for Trustee Boards - Tools and information to ease the transition from Executives to Trustee Boards
The big Compass Cleanse – actions for all our volunteers - Getting our records ready for our new digital systems
The beginnings of our new County structure - Building our new County Teams
Register today for the next two transformation webinars! - Join us for more Transformation webinars