Badge Guidelines

District, Group, Unit or Network Identifying Badges

District, Group, Unit and Network badges to be worn on the uniform or scarf must be approved by the County Lead Volunteer before such badges are made.

This type of badge is design to be worn by members of the District, Group, Unit or Network indefinitely.
Changes to the badge design should be treated as a new request.

Detailed instructions relating to identifying badges can be found in POR rule 10.26.

Occasional Badges

Occasional badges can be worn on uniforms to mark anniversaries, special events or trips.

In normal circumstances, the limit is three months. Exceptional permission can be granted by the County Lead Volunteer for up to twelve months.

Detailed instructions relating to how long occasional badges can be worn can be found in POR rule 10.33.

Occasional badges must be approved by the County Lead Volunteer before they are made.

A request letter with full details of the badge design and colours and a clear drawing indicating the size should be sent to the County Lead Volunteer.

Whilst the County Lead Volunteer makes the final decision, initial correspondence should be directed to the Administration Team via our Contact Page

Fun Badges

  • Fun badges may be designed locally for events.
  • Fun Badges cannot be worn on uniform or scarves.
  • Fun Badges should comply with the spirit and values of Scouting

Guidance on Badge Design

All badges must comply with the Scout Brand Guidelines and portray Scouting as positive and active.

All occasional badges must feature the Scout Logo. The logo must comply with the usage rules contained in the Brand Guidelines and, in particular, the colour requirements.

Official Logos are available in a variety of formats from the Scout Brand Centre.

Badge designs must not infringe any copyright or trademark.


The size is restricted to a maximum size as shown in the diagrams below, to include any bound edge.

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